Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

Pipeline Cleaning and Hydro testing

We offer following services in association with Propipe Limited UK:-.

  • We have experienced technician, equipment and established procedures for the pipeline cleaning after the construction for various diameters and length.
  • Our hydro test team is highly equipped for conducting hydro test of any kind of pipelines, piping with various pressure rating. Our team consist of one Hydro test Engineer, one supervisor, two pump operators and 4 labors and one safety supervisor for lengthy pipelines.
  • We have also carryout swabbing, drying and nitrogen purging of the pipeline using our swabbing pigs with dry air compressor and dryer to reach any required dew point.

The above services are carried out with technical support from Propipe Limited UK and also the pigs used for cleaning and swabbing is made by Propipe Limited.

Pipeline Caliper Piging

We offer following pigging services in association with Pipeline Innovations Limited-UK:-

  • Our Caliper pigging team is fully capable and experienced doing caliper pigging for various diameters and length of kind of pipeline. Our associates maintain the core group of design engineers and specialist in caliper design and operations.
  • Attached the profile of Pipeline Innovations Limited UK for further information

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