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Advanced Technical Service Company for Industrial Inspection and Radiological Services WLL is a well-established Engineering Inspection Company to facilitate inspection and testing services to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Commercial industries in Kuwait and other GCC Countries. Our Management and Technical staff are well qualified and experienced to lead ATSi in a highly professional way to achieve the best quality in Testing and Inspection.

As a dynamic and competent expert in the industry, through our expertise and partnership with the world’s most recognizable health and safety training providers and accreditation bodies, we aim to train people in all industries required to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act. ATS training facilities include two training venues each of 50 seats and a specially equipped yard for hands on training, an office from where all trainees at the training center is managed. Additionally, our training division can be mobile and trainings can be conducted on-site. ATS is an accredited NSC, IOSH, Highfield AHA training provider.

Our scope of work includes Civil & Environmental lab including testing of Air/water/soil and other petroleum products, Land survey/topographic survey, Drilling and construction of water monitoring wells, Geotechnical Investigation, Soil/concrete/asphalt testing, Non-Destructive/Destructive Testing, Corrosion/Coating Testing, Pipeline Cleaning/Hydro test/Caliper pigging, Equipment calibration/certification, Skilled manpower supply and Technical training etc.

Our Lab is equipped with the latest state of art technology-oriented equipment, established QA/QC procedures and well-qualified and  experienced staff in their respective category to produce the best inspection results guaranteeing complete satisfaction of our clients.

We are actively involved in providing professional Engineers and Inspectors on a secondment basis to meet the Chemical, Electrical, Tubular, Mechanical and Civil Engineering requirements. We have our direct offices in Kuwait, Qatar, India and associate companies in 8 other countries to perform shop inspections for all categories.

We are accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS, ILAC-MRA), ISO/EN17025:2017, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and LEEA (Full member). Our e-management system is well established and has been through several years of external, client and internal audits. We are very meticulous about the collection, transportation, storage, preparation and retention of samples. Tested / remaining samples are disposed off as per KEPA recommendations. Traceability and tracking of samples, tests and reports are made easy using our internally developed LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).