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  • ATS specializes in Asset Integrity Management (AIM), a comprehensive approach dedicated to optimizing the performance and longevity of critical assets such as power plants, oil rigs, refineries, and more. By adopting well-structured AIM strategies, we ensure the seamless operation of assets throughout their entire life cycle, from design and construction to decommissioning and replacement.

  • At the core of our services is the commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of assets. This involves meticulous management of people, systems, processes, and resources that contribute to an asset's functionality. Our AIM practices prioritize compliance with health, safety, and environmental legislation, emphasizing a holistic approach to asset management.

  • While our expertise has a significant presence in the upstream oil and gas sector, addressing the growing global demand for energy, our AIM processes are versatile and can be implemented across various high-value assets. Whether it's oil refineries, electrical power generation plants, or chemical processing plants, our company stands ready to deliver top-tier Asset Integrity Management solutions that enhance operational service life and overall asset performance.