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Civil Material Testing

Our range of testing on construction materials includes tests on concrete, cement, soils, aggregates, asphalt, and bitumen. Our civil material testing labs have all the facilities to conduct the tests on all types of building materials, as per relevant local and internal codes like KOC, Shell DEP, ASTM, ACI, BS EN, BS codes

Concrete Testing

ATSi offers facilities on a wide range of testing for concrete and cementitious materials. Some of the tests include:

  • Design Mix of Concrete / Trial Mix
  • Cube / Cylinder / Core samples crushing strength (BS EN 12390-3, ASTM C39)
  • Load tests
  • Rapid Chloride Ion Penetration Test
  • Density tests on concrete, grout cubes
  • Cement content
  • Chloride and sulphates content in concrete
  • Fineness of cement
  • Consistency, initial and final setting of cement
  • Extractions of core samples
  • Beam flexural strength and Modulus of rupture
  • Water absorption and volume of permeable voids
  • Curing facilities for concrete cubes and cylinders
  • Water permeability
  • Heat of hydration test
  • Compression, modulus of rigidity, linear expansion, water absorption of refractory materials
  • Shear tests on refractory materials
  • Concrete inspection at the site including test sample preparation / Slump test / Temperature / Air content
    measurements at the site

Soil Testing

ATSi has the latest equipment to test soils for their suitability and quality control. Some of the tests performed on soils and aggregates include:

  • Modified Proctor density test and Optimum moisture content
  • Field density testing
  • Field moisture content by Speedy moisture meter
  • Moisture content of soils in the laboratory
  • California Bearing Ratio of Soil Un-soaked and Soaked, Swelling inde
  • Sieve analysis and particle gradation of soils
  • Modified Proctor density test and Optimum moisture content
  • Plate Load Test for bearing capacity measurement using digital and analog equipment
  • Dynamic plate load test using deflectometer
  • DCPT
  • Soil Resistivity by Wenner’s Four probe electrode
  • Field density testing
  • Field moisture content by Speedy moisture meter
  • Moisture content of soils in the laboratory
  • California Bearing Ratio of Soil Un-soaked and Soaked, Swelling index of Soil
  • Sieve analysis and particle gradation of soils
  • Classification of Soils for engineering purposes
  • Uniformity Coefficient, Coefficient of Curvature
  • Field CBR
  • Atterberg limits (Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, and Plasticity Index) of Soil
  • Field CBR
  • Soil Resistivity using electrode box

Asphalt Testing


  • Design Mix of bituminous asphalt
  • Bitumen extraction & Gradation
  • Marshall stability tests
  • Compaction and density of asphalt
  • Voids in mineral aggregates

Material/Aggregate Testing


  • Sieve analysis of Fine and Coarse aggregates (ASTM C 136)
  • Percentage fines passing 75 Micron (No.200) Sieve (ASTM C 117)
  • Moisture Content of Aggregates (ASTM C 566)
  • Fineness Modulus by Sieving (ASTM C 136)
  • Specific Gravity (ASTM C 127, C 128)
  • Water Absorption (ASTM C 127, C 128)
  • Compacted Bulk Density (ASTM C 29)
  • Un-compacted Bulk Density (ASTM C 29)
  • Voids in Aggregates (ASTM C 29)
  • Flakiness Index (BS 812: Part 105.1)
  • Elongation Index (BS 812: Part 105.2)
  • Impact Value of aggregates (BS 812: Part 112)
  • Crushing Value (BS 812: Part 110)
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Test (ASTM C 131)
  • Clay Lumps and friable particles (ASTM C 142) Sand Equivalent ASTM-D 2419 Shell
  •  Content BS 812 Part – 106

Non-Destructive Test (Civil)

We provide a comprehensive testing solution for stability and integrity studies of the structures.

  • Checking the Stability of the Old & Distressed Concrete Structure & Providing the Solution for restoring the structure.
  • Rebound hammer test on concrete for compressive strength assessment.
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity test for uniformity assessment of concrete
  • Rebar location, diameter, and cover to the reinforcement
  • Location of concrete defects using Ultra-sonic phased array techniques
  • Internal defect assessment of concrete using GPR.
  • Corrosion mapping in concrete
  • Crack mapping in Concrete

Geotechnical Investigation

ATSi, provide a comprehensive mix of Geotechnical Investigation services throughout all phases of feasibility/planning, design development, construction, and post-construction. We offer a wide range of services with well-qualified and experienced personnel for the execution of geotechnical investigation projects. Our services include site investigation planning, sub-surface exploration, and in-situ Geotechnical tests, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Analysis Seepage and Groundwater studies, Pile capacity calculations. Some facilities available with us are:

  • SPT
  • Drilling and Sampling
  • DCPT
  • Plate Load Tests (Static, Digital/Analog) for Bearing capacity determination
  • Dynamic plate load tests
  • In-situ CBR
  • Wenner 4 Probe resistivity
  •  Soil Investigation
  • Core sampling
  • Boreholes
  • Standpipes for Groundwater Monitoring
  • Ground Penetrating radar
  • Infiltration tests
  • Thermal Conductivity & Resistivity
  • Foundation Analysis
  • Deep pile testing