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We provide a comprehensive range of surveying and land development services to Architects, Town Planners, Building Designers, Landscape, Architects, Builders, Developers, Construction & Infrastructure Companies, Civil Engineers and Property Developers.

Topographic Survey

ATSi is specialized in providing topographical survey data using the latest instruments and software’s to ensure a fast and cost-effective field to finish solution. Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earth’s surface. We are dedicated to complete the works with in the stipulated time without compromising the accuracy in the works.

Underground Utilities Survey

Underground utility mapping is necessary for the safety of the workforce and public. It minimizes project delays and saving delay and damage costs. We offer highly specialized utility detection services, asset mapping, and site investigation services with quality at affordable cost. We have a very professional team for conducting utility surveys and provide accurate reliable results. We use state-of-the-art underground cable locators that allow us to efficiently detect and trace underground utilities before any subsurface work can be carried out. Our services are designed to provide the clients a level of information to plan their excavation and utilities.

Control Survey

ATSi is fully equipped with the latest survey quality GPS instruments and post processing software and can carry out all aspect of GPS surveying. We can collect precise static base-station observations to provide fully adjusted coordinated solutions for large scale mapping and major projects as well as undertaking real time detailed surveys or setting-out using a local grid system.

Volumetric Surveys

Weare a specialist in stockpile volume surveys to measure the quantity of materials in the stockpiles and calculating the cut/fill volumes in case of earth work volume calculations. We use a combination of GPS, Total Station to measure the stockpiles in which the entire surface area is visible. We provide the accurate measurements of, manufacturing facilities including cement, glass and iron factories. The surveyed data ensures regulatory compliance and allows our clients to manage their stock and inventory.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are normally carried out in order to compare the position and dimension of a constructed project compared to its designed dimensions and position. An as built survey is a drawing to scale of all existing elements in the site and their spatial relationship to the boundary of the property. It is important to know what you have in order to determine what you can do, and for further development of property. As-built surveys reduce the costs and own time associated with construction rework. Our team systematically provides these services with the highest level of accuracy using high specification survey equipment and the next generation’s survey technology.

Construction Surveys

ATSi provides construction surveying services to clients involved in commercial and industrial developments.

  • Civil construction surveys (pile installation, concrete foundation & anchor bolt setting)
  • Mechanical Surveys (Pumps, Turbines)
  • Structural Surveys (Steel placement for buildings, modules and piping)
  • Piping Surveys (Above Ground)
  • Earthworks and Volume Surveys (Road construction)


We use auto levels for the quality, accuracy and precision required by type of work (e.g., earthwork, drainage, landscaping, concrete formwork, precision leveling of industrial equipment, deformation monitoring. GPS in static modes is also used for leveling as per demand.